Viscosi-Stadt Atelier Building, Construction start
30th January 2017

Construction of the new building 744 for the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts has started. Following the gutting and removal of hazardous materials demolition of the existing building 744 and the former „Pilothalle“ on the Viscosistadt campus in Emmenbrücke is now in progress.

The Exchange- Building Progress
27th January 2017

Harry Gugger has visited the construction site of the Exchange building in Vancouver to witness the topping out of his first high rise building development in North America. The office tower in the heart of the financial district will be Canada's first LEED Platinum rated heritage restoration building. Its full completion is scheduled for late 2017.

Viscosi-Stadt Atelier Building, Application granted
16th January 2017

The council of Emmenbrücke and the canton Lucerne have granted planning permission for Harry Gugger Studio to design building 744 for the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences on the Viscosistadt campus.

After the construction of the new building 744 in combination with its adjacent existing building 745, the new home of the entire Arts and Design Department will be completed, consolidating teaching, atelier and workshop-spaces on location.

Laba EPFL publishes: ‘Israel Lessons - Industrial Arcadia'

Spenglerpark high-rise moves forward
10th January 2017

The building conservation and landscape preservation commission of the canton Basel-Land has given the green light to the detailed development of the 100m high-rise proposal for the Spenglerpark site in Münchenstein. This will enable us to commence with development of the local masterplan and Harry Gugger Studio will undertake further work on the preliminary design stage.

Schweizweit 'Blind Dates'
16th February 2017

Harry Gugger will be participating in discussion series of the ‘Schweizweit’ Exhibition called ‘Blind Dates’, open to the public on the 16th February 2017 at 6.30 pm.

Blind Date 2 | S AM

Swissmetal-Areal Dornach, Invited Urban Study
January 2017

Harry Gugger Studio is invited to participate in the Urban Study for ‘Swissmetal-Areal’, an extensive industrial area in Dornach, that is to be converted to a new mixed-use neighborhood.

Laba EPFL publishes: ‘Venice Lessons - Industrial Nostalgia’, Teaching and Research in Architecture
20th November 2016

Bau 744 clears political hurdle
30th September 2016

The "Konkordatsrat", the board of directors of the six central Swiss universities have given the green light for the development of the new building 744 in the Viscosistadt campus of Emmenbrücke. Harry Gugger Studio will now hand in the planning application for the project which will be built adjacent to the existing building 745 which already houses departments of the Faculty of Arts and Design of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. The completion of the project is scheduled for 2019.

Transitlager Completion
18th August 2016

The "Transitlager" in the Dreispitz cultural quarter of Basel is completed. Harry Gugger Studio executed the redevelopment project of a disused warehouse with Bjarke Ingles Group for Halter AG Gesamtleistungen Zürich.

Photo by Laurian Ghinitoiu