Opening Gallery Xavier Hufkens
16th April 2013

The inaugural show ‘The end of the beans’ by Harold Ancart has opened Xavier Hufkens second gallery space in Brussels. The exhibition runs until May 25th, 2013.

Xavier Hufkens Gallery

3rd prize Competition Hotel and Park ‘Sidebütel’
12th April 2013

Harry Gugger Studio has won 3rd prize with the project ‘Sidebütel’ in the open competition for a new hotel and park in Heiden, Appenzell, CH.

Completion Gallery Xavier Hufkens
April 2013

Harry Gugger Studio is proud to announce the completion of a new exhibition space for Gallery Xavier Hufkens in Brussels. The first exhibition by Harold Ancart is titled ‘The end of the beans’ and will open on the 16th April.

Xavier Hufkens Gallery

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012
March 2013

laba’s recent publication ‘Barents Lessons’ was one of eighteen winners of the ‘Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012’.

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