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Housing Frenkendorf

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This project was developed on the basis of a feasibility study with which Harry Gugger Studio and landscape architects Stauffer Rösch AG were commissioned by Bärenfels AG at the end of 2020. The aim of the feasibility study was to define the appropriate building density, in order to create additional living space through careful densification, and to increase the quality of the open space.

An existing two-storey factory and a Kindergarten on site were at disposal. After an analysis of the free space, a thorough inventory and an assessment of the needs with the community authorities, the decision was taken to retain the Kindergarten. It is planned to convert the building for neighbourhood use should in the future the Kindergarten no longer be needed.

The factory building will be replaced by a longitudinal building along Rheinstrasse which steps down towards the south. With this silhouette, the building simultaneously forms a clear closure to the adjacent industrial area to the north and relates to the adjacent low-lying residential area to the south. Two additional buildings are docked onto the two existing buildings to the north. They are each one story higher than the existing buildings and thus continue the stepped silhouette formation.

The new development contains mostly small and large apartments, complementing the existing apartments, most of which are of medium size, creating a development with a balanced mix of apartments.

Positioning all new buildings as close to the site perimeter as possible encloses the existing central open space and protects it from road and rail noise, while clearly defining and maximising the courtyard area. The resulting versatile open spaces creates considerable added value for the residents of the settlement and the Kindergarten of the municipality of Frenkendorf.


Bärenfels AG



Harry Gugger Studio

Landscape Architect:

Stauffer Rösch AG


Stierli + Ruggli Ingenieure + Raumplaner AG

Structural Engineer:

Eitel & Partner GmbH

Traffic Engineer:

Rapp Infra AG

Noise Engineer:

Gruner AG

Building Technology:

Eicher + Pauli Liestal AG

Electrical Engineer:

HKG Engineering AG

Fire protection:

Quantum Brandschutz GmbH


Nightnurse Images AG