2016 - 2020
Direct Commission

Langenhagweg Allschwil

Residential Development Allschwil, Basel-Land


9470 m²


2016 – 2020


Nestled within the patchwork of brightly painted row houses of Allschwil, the four new cube apartment buildings, rendered in different orange tones reflect their colourful, playful neighbourhood. Replacing four 1970’s apartment buildings, which were positioned evenly in a row along the length of the parcel spanning between Langenhagweg and Steinbühlweg, the new buildings are individually rotated, mirrored and misaligned. The specific orientations of the buildings respond to their location, maximise light conditions and extend views while also creating exterior spaces with unique qualities, including winding entrance footpaths, intimate sitting spaces and a more open children's play area.

The smooth rendered compact facade consist of a combination of classical punctuated facades and parapet windows (band- and lochfassades). Reflecting the interior functions, the central perforated facades are for the bedrooms. The living rooms and corner balconies are illuminated by room-high glazing and continuous parapet windows. The wood-metal windows and all other elements of the facades, including sunshades, balustrades, rain water pipes, balcony cupboards, windows sills and heads are painted in a varying metallic brown tones, complementing the orange tones of the facade.

The buildings are all raised on concrete plinths to obtain the necessary privacy for the apartments on the ground floor. The building entrances are half below grade, and are made more private by entrance ramps and stairs toward the streets. The attic contains a large three bedroom penthouse apartment which is anchored to two sides of the lower building volume. The setbacks generate a spacious terrace which is partially sheltered by a cantilevered concrete pergola. With generous room heights of 2.60m, a very high quality of space is achieved on a compact floor plan.

The maximum allowable built area is utilised in this development, while simultaneously maintaining a spacious green surrounding. Sustainable design means the housing achieve Minergie-P certification.

Direct Comission
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Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung Real Estate Switzerland


Architect: Harry Gugger Studio

Electrical Engineer: Gruner Gruneko AG


Photo: Daniela Burkart