Direct Commission

Petalida House

Housing Cyclades islands

The Petalida house finds inspiration in the wild nature of the untouched hillside. The project aims to preserve the natural beauty of the site whilst drawing attention to its extraordinary topography. A minimal horizontal intervention, the house throws the contours of the slope into sharp relief against its linear form. The house stretches out on a single level to follow the curve of the existing landscape, limiting the required excavation of the steep site, and resulting in a slim dwelling shaped by the slope itself.

Its position on the hillside allows the building to stretch around to the western limit, benefiting the living area, the terrace and the pool with sunset panoramas.

Arriving guests and inhabitants park their cars in the carport dug into the hillside to the east of the house and out of view. They are then guided along the glazed façade of the circulation space, through which the terrain of the hillside is visible. Only after reaching the living area and terrace is the view of the sea and of the island finally revealed.

The route then continues down to the sea via a path running from the pool and past a small pavilion. This structure located halfway between the house and the sea will provide shade and storage space for water-sports equipment. Being lit at night, the pavilion will serve as a landmark visible from the house, acting as a point of reference in the darkened landscape.



Studio Gugger

Local architect:

DZA architects

Landscape architect:

DZA architects

Structural Engineer:

Manos Kyriasis

MEP & Electric:


General contractor:


Client representative:

Grigoris Marasidis