Housing Rüschlikon

Urban development

The area development Bahnhof Süd represents a large-scale intervention for Rüschlikon's core development, which must be brought into line with the relatively small-scale and object-oriented urban morphology in order to establish a station quarter and centre appropriate to the location.

The harmony with the context striven for in volumetry must also be underlined by a delicate and haptic architectural form. Furthermore, it is our concern to give the area a sincere cohesion. To whitewash the fact that this is a communal development of the area with an "architectural park" would show false modesty.

The keyword therefore stands for both the morphological harmony with the neighbourhood and the coherence of the site development Bahnhof Süd. Our project expresses an inner lawfulness, but at the same time allows the different houses to develop very different characters according to their context and their respective roles.

Architectural expression

The gable roofs of the design are of fundamental importance for the architectural integration into the core development of Rüschlikon and the internal cohesion we are striving for in the "Bahnhof Süd" area development.

An exact analysis of the surroundings shows that the ridges of the existing buildings run almost exclusively in the direction of the slope. The effect of gable roofs oriented in the longitudinal direction would also be very minimal on the elongated building areas close to the station.

Therefore we have arranged the gable roofs to follow the course of the slope. In addition, you depict the respective residential units and make them appear as houses themselves. This measure underlines the delicate design of the houses by determining their silhouette. The verticality of the buildings is further emphasised by "French windows" or windows with a parapet height at seating level. At the same time this allows to celebrate the wonderful reference to the lake, the geographical centre of the region.



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