Volta Nord

Urban design Basel

The Volta Nord development area is surrounded by wonderful linear and industrially shaped open space structures and technical relics: railway tracks, sheds, ramps and a wide variety of high-quality dry vegetal sites. These conditions create the unique urban development opportunity to create a specific and unmistakable urban district in the course of restructuring the former railway and industrial area.
The new neighbourhood structures will be developed in the way of thinking determined by this context. With three compact and precisely placed courtyard types, the spatial guidelines of the perimeter are taken up in a generous gesture.

The urban figure thus developed is naturally embedded in the context of the existing spatial structure and creates four typologically different open spaces - the Lysbüchelmatte, in the continuation of which is the Lysbüchelpromenade, followed by the garden courtyard and finally, towards the railway tracks, the Heidepark. The existing streets and passages are of course continued from the neighbourhood and ensure obvious functional connections.

Volta Nord draws its identity and expression from the synthesis of a careful reading of the specific situation and the programme. In terms of urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture, a whole is created that offers space for the development of individual needs and authorship without giving up its unique character.



Harry Gugger Studio

Landscape architecture:

Maurus Schifferli Landschaftsarchitekten

Traffic engineering:

Gruner AG