September 2020, Yes to Spenglerpark district plan!

September 2020, a living room in the air!

15 m long prefabricated wooden modules are arriving and getting assembled on the construction site of our housing project in Hirtenweg.

July 2020, best architects 21!

Silo Erlenmatt has been awarded by best architects 21!
Congratulations to the whole team!

July 2020, a special tour of the Silo

This month, thanks to an initiative of S AM (Swiss Architecture Museum), we have conducted a children tour through the Silo.
We were challenged by their curiosity!

June 2020, Vancouver or New York?

Our Exchange is the background of a film set pretending to be in New York.
Looking forward to see the movie!

May 2020, "The new Silo" on BaZ

The opening of the Silo was covered by an article on the Basler Zeitung!

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May 2020, The Silo on the cover page!

The Silo is on the cover page of the last issue of the Schweizer Baudokumentation.

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April 2020, "Du diamant brut: La nouvelle élémentarité des silos d'Erlenmatt"

Silo Erlenmatt is published in a great article on the last issue of TRACÉS.

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March 2020, Viscosistadt 744 on Phoenix

Our school building 744 Viscosistadt is featured in the last issue of Phoenix!

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February 2020, the Silo is looking for tenants!

It's possible now to rent working spaces in our Silo project which is planned to be completed this spring.
The Silo is standing in the freshly developed area of Erlenmatt in Basel and provides different facilities within the building and in its surroundings.

For further information visit please this link.