May 2020, The Silo on the cover page!

The Silo is on the cover page of the last issue of the Schweizer Baudokumentation.

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April 2020, "Du diamant brut: La nouvelle élémentarité des silos d'Erlenmatt"

Silo Erlenmatt is published in a great article on the last issue of TRACÉS.

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March 2020, Viscosistadt 744 on Phoenix

Our school building 744 Viscosistadt is featured in the last issue of Phoenix!

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February 2020, the Silo is looking for tenants!

It's possible now to rent working spaces in our Silo project which is planned to be completed this spring.
The Silo is standing in the freshly developed area of Erlenmatt in Basel and provides different facilities within the building and in its surroundings.

For further information visit please this link.

January 2020, Private House Bottmingen on Wohnrevue

Our project for a private house in Bottmingen is published on the first number of the year of Wohnrevue!

December 2019, The Exchange wins the Heritage Award

We are very proud to announce that the city of Vancouver recognise to The Exchange the award of honour for its contribution to heritage conservation.


30th November 2019, 745 Viscosistadt Opening

We are happy to invite you to the official opening of the 745 Viscosistadt building.


20th November 2019, "FEZ Lessons" book launch!

We are happy to welcome you to the Book Launch of laba's publication 'FEZ Lessons'.

Fez Lessons: Industrious Habitat is the result of a teaching and research project of Laboratory Basel (laba). The book explores Fez’s urban fabric, relaying a compelling story of how the city has been shaped and reshaped over time. The findings are visualized in striking images, graphics, and maps and followed by proposals for architectural interventions that address key issues by facilitating alternate forms of association and community.

Given the growing stream of international investment, the constant enticement of tourism, and a worldwide revival of nationalism, interventions focus on these challenges, among others, raising questions about identity, authenticity, tradition, globalization, and the use of local resources.

As this event will take place in Zurich, the presentations will be held in German.

We look forward to seeing you there!
laba/Prof. Harry Gugger and team

8th November 2019, Swiss Talks #4: Harry Gugger e Francesco Dal Co

We are happy to invite you at Swiss Talks #4: Harry Gugger e Francesco Dal Co.

The event will take place on at Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi in Venice at 18:00.


September 2019, apartments in Allschwil for rent!

The 52 apartments in our new residential development in Allschwil are now available to rent.
The development will be completed and ready to move in from May 2020.
For further information please visit: