Invited Urban Study

Zentrum Birsfelden

Town Center Masterplan Birsfelden, Basel-Landschaft






2017 - 2030

YES for the new Birsfelden Center!

We are excited to inform that after the presentation on Monday 10.12.2018 the Birsfelden community has said the final yes to the planned municipality center. The project is now exhibited and open to the public at Hardstrasse 21 in Birsfelden. More information here

Town Center Development Masterplan

Birsfelden is located in a valuable and exciting location. Situated between central Basel, the Rheinknie, Birs and the foothills of the Hardwald as well as having access to diverse transportation routes, its potential and character are unique. However, the latent potential has not been harvested successfully. The project site has a lack of spatial quality, density and definition and further, past development has not created successful public spaces or encouraged engagement.

The goal of this proposal was to harness and celebrate the potential of this area and provide more successful public spaces as framework for a more defined identity and purposeful function within the community.

The proposal’s strategy focuses on greater density which defines diverse public spaces while maintaining the existing height of the city itself. Respecting the given context, the new proposal seeks to fill-in fragments and open-up clearer public squares with specific purpose.

This passage also has an “inside-out” effect. While the interior figure offers municipal and economic engagement, the more private gardens and residences turn outward, offering various degrees of urban engagement or privacy.

The open space of the project provides the main structure of the development. Acting as enfilade, the central corridor opens and closes to create diverse public urban rooms but is also an autonomous, whole urban figure connecting the public spaces of the Rhein and Birs Rivers within the greater urban surroundings.