Invited Urban Study

Hangartner Areal

Urban Study, Mixed-Use Development Aarau



Hangartnerareal Aarau, Feasibility Study, Aarau, Switzerland

The continuing demographic changes and the necessity to address matters of sustainability ask for targeted densification around urban centers, while, the emerging industrialisation of Europe demands the incorporation of commercial and service spaces within emerging neighbourhoods.

The program of the given feasibility study asks for a mixed-use development consisting of a split of 65-80% residential and 35-20% commercial uses.

The challenge of this project lies in carefully facilitating urban densification while preserving the qualities of the adjacent landscape and the park-like quality of the area, which consists of large green and water bodies.

The proposed development plan of Hangartnerareal unlocks this potential through continuous green spaces beyond land ownership boundaries. Therefore, creating a highly identifiable cohesive and collective urban morphology.

An artificial landscape, whose role is to fuse together urban density and nature, preserving the identity of the area and contributing to its morphological and systematic continuity.