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Education Schaffausen

The Old Observatory, not only served educational purposes, but was also available to the general population. It embodies the school's claim to also serve as a neighborhood center and, as an instrument of enlightenment, symbolizes the educational ideals of the school. In its construction, which seems both futuristic and archaic, it stands both for enduring values and for the dawn of the future.

For all these reasons, it seems obvious to revive the material and formal characteristics of the Old Observatory in the school's new building.
Therefore, the two access buildings reflect these characteristics, but at the same time also the urban planning and constructional requirements for the new building.

For its part, the Old Observatory, located at the interface with the sports facilities and in keeping with its playful expression, is to become a place of play. As such, it houses the outdoor playground equipment and a playroom. Thus, the old observatory acts as a hinge between the mineral schoolyard and the park-like green area in the south of the site. It remains visible from Stokarbergstrasse and acts as an attraction in the depth of the site.

The school complex receives three entrances from Stokarbergstrasse. Two of them are reserved for pedestrians, the existing entrance between the Steig school buildings 1 and 2, and the new entrance between the old Steig school building and the new building. The new entrance also serves as fire department access to the schoolyard.

The access for cars, bicycles and the fire department to the old people's and nursing home forms the third entrance. This is located between the new building and the nursing home. Six parking spaces are located along the parcel boundary and between the existing sycamore trees. Bicycle parking is located under the old observatory and in a shelter along Friedbergstrasse. This shelter also serves as container storage.

In this way, the schoolyard can be kept free of any forced furniture and a generous all-weather square can be arranged for which an asphalt surface with an interspersion of light-colored pebbles is planned. This gives the all-weather court a friendly and robust character and makes it an ideal playground.

2. Untergeschoss

1. Untergeschoss


2. Obergeschoss

1. Obergeschoss

Längsschnitt/ Ansicht Ost

Querschnitt/ Ansicht Nord


Studio Gugger

Landscape architect:

Studio Céline Baumann

Civil engineer:

Eitel & partner

Building Technology:

Waldhauser + Hermann AG

EMP Engineer:

Gartenmann Engineering AG

Façade planning:

PPEngineering GmbH


Quantum Brandschutz GmbH


The Image Guy