17 January 2024, Big volumes in wood

<<Whether high-rise buildings, large residential complexes or office blocks - the future is open to building with wood. We provide an insight into current projects and the challenges involved in realising them.>>

17 January 2024, 14:00 - 15:00
Swissbau Focus, Hall 1.0 South, Messe Basel, Switzerland


November 2023, “Gutes Bauen” award for Hirtenweg and Silo!

Both Hirtenweg and Silo received the "Gutes Bauen" award by canton Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.

You can find the juries report here

3 November 2023, Hirtenweg is awarded by Heimatshutz Basel

We are proud of our social housing project Hirtenweg that received the Bautenpraemierung by the institution of Heimatshutz Basel.

Congratulations to all the figures involved on this project!

2 November 2023, new photos for the Silo

We are happy to show the new photos taken by the talented photographer Kateryna Debkaliuk.

26 October 2023, The Silo is awarded with the AMO Prix!

Silo Erlenmatt wins the award for the most creative typology.

≪Beyond the pure act of creation, constructive imagination is the quest for original solutions and the desire to change the world or adapt to it. The 2022-2023 nominated projects have each served these aims, offering a springboard for biodiversity, a balanced watering hole, a sensory village, a hut-school, rue slide towards a future of ecological transition. The winner - the Erlematte silo by Stitfung Habitat and Harry Gugger Studio - is a creative metamorphosis, a renovation that prevents the soil artificialisation process. Roundness in horizontality and the original military verticality like a welcome, pivoting portholes like so many curious eyes open on the city, a silo from 1912, which yesterday contained bulk materials, whose volumes, reinforced concrete walls and preserved hoppers now shelter a flow of life and ideas.≫

13 October 2023, Walking thinktank and podium in Erlenmatt Basel

October 2023, The Silo goes on the big screen!

"The Silo" is a documentary short film directed by the young and talented Aureliano Ramella and it narrates the spirit of our project through images.
We are very proud that it will be soon presented at the
Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam.

September 2023, Gold medal for Hirtenweg

This year the International Prize for Sustainable Architecture has reached its fifteenth edition and dozens of projects from various European and non-European countries have taken part in the initiative. The event conceived and promoted in 2003 by University of Ferrara Department of Architecture and Fassa Bortolo company on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its foundation, created for the purpose of rewarding and making known to the broad public architecture that is able to interact with the environment in a balanced way, designed for human needs and able to satisfy the necessities of our generation without compromising, through indiscriminate consumption of resources and the resulting pollution, those of future generations.
The initiative annually alternates a section reserved for degree, master's and doctoral theses, and another dedicated instead (as this year) to built works designed by professionals.
The commission, chaired by Professor Thomas Herzog (President Emeritus, Thomas Herzog Architekten, Munich - Germany) and Marianne Burkhalter (Atelier Burkhalter Sumi - Zurich), was made up of Roman Cordero (PLUG Architecture – Merida, Mexico), Vladimir Slapeta (Brno University of Technology) and Luca Rossato (Architecture’s Department of University of Ferrara).
The jury decided to award the gold medal to Hirtenweg project by the swiss atelier Harry Gugger Studio created in Riehen in Switzerland.

Juli 2023, "Sustainability through pragmatism"

Find Silo Erlenmatt in the latest issue of Betonprisma.

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29 June 2023, Updates from Fowlescombe Farm

The Fowlescombe Farm is presently under construction. The renovation of the Farmhouse and L-Barns is soon to be completed. The U-Barns are due for completion in early 2024.